Wholesale & Distribution

Imports fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) from Italy & Sri Lanka and distributions are done through major hypermarkets, supermarkets and wholesale traders in Bahrain.

Product Brands:

Household Products


Omino Bianco, the long-time market leader for laundry additives in Italy, has grown throughout Europe to become the top brand name in many markets. Over the years, Omino Bianco has closely followed rapidly evolving consumer needs and expanded its product range accordingly.

The Omino Bianco line includes liquid detergent with Marseille Soap, liquid and powder laundry detergent, pre-treatment and liquid whiteners, delicate bleach and stain remover.

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WC Net has been leading the market for over 40 years thanks to high innovation and consumer care.

The brand offers a full range of toilet cleaning products including liquid and powder detergents, rim blocks, and a range of specific professional products such as septic tank and drain cleaners.

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Smac is a complete and wide range of household care products including metal cleaners (for steel, copper, brass and stoves), degreasers, all purpose cleaners, as well as specific products for surfaces such as leather.

Constantly on the lookout to improve performance and appeal, Smac has a modern and up-to-date labelling and packaging system creating a wider platform for innovative and outstanding household products for the consumer.

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Food Items


"So soft you can cut it with a breadstick". Rio Mare today went on to conquer a 10% share of the tuna market and become the undisputed leader. We exclusively sell these great products to the Bahrain Market.

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